The 10 Greatest Modern Yoyos Ever Made.

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When you think about what the greatest yoyos ever made would be, you'd have to consider that it might not be just your preferences that make them so great. It might be a selling point, or a new invention or a design or way of anodizing or coloration. It could really be anything; something that really sets them apart and makes them staples in the modern yoyoing world. This however is not without arguement, you're best yoyos ever made most certainly not be someone else's greatest yoyos ever made. That's just how it is, yoyoing is all preference; but seeing as how some yoyos get their popularity be by coloration or by play style or originality, some yoyos are just universally loved.

Here's My List::

10: Difeyo Barebones

Frank Difeyo has a way of setting... the "standard". More or less, when a type or certain number of yoyos are produced, he releases something that more or less; generalizes them. Like when the crossbones came out. There were already metal yoyos with pads and modern bearing seat designs, but the yoyo itself sort of set the tune of what would be the future of most every modern yoyo; this was the same for the Barebones. Next you'd have the Eetsit and Bapezilla coming out with the same bearing seat as well as many other popular metal yoyos of the era such as the Luchador and many others.

9: Throwdown Luchador

When this yoyo came out, you began to question just what a yoyo is. It's a gyroscope of course but the shape could be and was a lot more than people thought it could be. When it released, all yoyos had the standard of being... "round" "smooth" "comfortable" and to see this thing come barreling out of the small company known as Throwdown was like a trainwreck into a DMV. The sudden quiet boredom stops and the chatter and civilian uproar begins. The creation of this yoyo helped inspire many other designs such as the Noctu and H-shape yoyos that were coming along around the same time. Viva originality.

8: Tom Kuhn SB-2 Silver Bullet

Look at your entire metal yoyo collection, ever single one of them traces right back to this original aluminum body yoyo with a ball bearing, the original trend-setter by the genius himself; Tom Kuhn.

7: Yomega Fireball

Don't hate, appreciate. In the mid 90's this was the yoyo to have; that everyone threw and used to loop. Of course at this date and time there are better loopers from overall... better companies but Yomega stole the stage for kids in their pre-teens and teens way back when we were youngsters. For some if not most of us... it was the first thing we scrounged through our drawers and boxes upstairs in our attic looking for when we were re-inspired to yoyo not too long ago. I've still got mine, do you?

6: Hspin Pyro

You either love it... or you hate it. I remember when this yoyo released, complete and total silence... open jaws hitting the floor because of the amazing laser designs and smoothness on the string. It offered amazing spin times because of it's weight and for some of us... felt in no way as heavy as it was. 71 grams of burning awesome is what it gave us and we said... "yes, please".

5: Yoyofactory 401k

Some of you that got ahold of dials when the Speed Dial came out didn't get the true liberator. This baby was the demon we all wanted because of the ability to tweak our response on the fly. Despite being a small bearing yoyo, it took quite a bit of string layers, was smooth as butter and was the first dial-able response yoyo ever created. Most of us wanted it because of it's new revolution in response... the others kept it for it's amazing play and for those who don't remember... this was the original M1... before it left the market, it was marked down on one site to $64.

4: Yoyojam Hitman

AND HOW! I've never played one but from my experiences talking to people... people worship this yoyo. It's like the Metallica to people who lived their teen years in the 1980's, they love Metallica. I'd rather let someone who's really had this yoyo and enjoyed this yoyo to review it, I'm not the one to speak. For those looking for a good yoyo, look anywhere and you'll find one; from $20 to $40.

3: Duncan Freehand Zero

What can you say about the most modded yoyo in existance? Quite a bit, but I'll leave it at this:: Whatever you want this yoyo to be, if you can imagine it, there's someone out there who can make it what you want it to be. It's the canvas, you're the artist; paint it, mod it; anything you like and it always stays smooth through the whole process.

2: Yoyojam Kickside

In almost every single dispute about what the best beginner yoyo is, this yoyo pops up somewhere. It's stable, oversized and has good weight distribution... basically it's everything that is perfect for a beginner, and for some of us old cats; it's the perfect 5A yoyo to take around with us. It's a true keeper and it never lets up.

1: Yoyofactory G5

Every single inspiration for everything new that is even thought of just seems to pour out of yoyofactory like a faucet that never turns off. They introduced the H-shape that would later be coined by H-Spin. Matador spikes were already in use, they took it a step further with hubstacks. This yoyo may not be the best playing yoyo or even the most attractive or smoothest, but it's a bomb when dropped on a yoyo community used to, "the norm".

and that's my list, hope you like it. I know not everyone will agree and I don't expect them to. I want to know what people think. These are the yoyos I love.

yoyojam Lyn Fury
yoyojam Dark Magic
Hspin G&E 2
Hspin Envy
Werrd Two Fat Ladies
Anti-Yo Bapezilla
Roo Yo
Kyo Ti
Oxygene Oxy 4

When I read the title the yoyos that sprang to mind were SB2 and the G5. Great list!

One correction for you though, The Kickside is not oversized its normal sized.

Quote from: ajcheeta on August 17, 2009, 03:39:44 PM

When I read the title the yoyos that sprang to mind were SB2 and the G5. Great list!

One correction for you though, The Kickside is not oversized its normal sized.

I was wondering about that... normal and oversized is getting skewed these days thanks to just about every yoyo released recently has been rather small.

Leading up from 10 to 1, 1 being the greatest...

10. YYF Velocity
9. YYF 888
8. Oxy 4
7. Born Crucial Milk
6. Henrys Viper
5. Duncan Freehand 1/Zero
4. Duncan Wheel
3. Superyo Renegade
2. SB-2
1. 3-in-1 No-Jive

As far as I can remember, all of these set the standard for their market cost or era. No Jives were the first modern take-apart yo-yo. SB-2 was the first Aluminum ball bearing yo-yo. Renegades were the main choice for top players interested in string tricks for several years. Duncan Wheels were better than butterflies, better constructed and better playing, best fixed axle plastic for a long time, still one of the best if not the best. They were the mother of the Freehand, if you count Steve Brown being the father ;)
I've played a viper, never had one. They certainly opened the playing field for offstring and doc pop innovated a ton of tricks using them. Milks because they're the big name in Delrin and still play great to this day, still sought after. Oxy 4 for the "is it oxy smooth?" simply revolutionary for setting standards in high end metal. Same deal with the 888, set the standard for innovation, shape, size, smoothness, etc. Everyone knows what an 888 is, what it plays like, and what it feels like. I almost don't want to sell mine because it makes easy picture comparisons for people to get a good idea about another yo-yo. And the Velocity, the ultimate beginner yo-yo: adjustable response, nice weight, nice gap, easy to learn on and carry you to advanced level.

Great list!
My arguments to consider...

I'd have a viper in there. Rubber wings made Offstring a legit style.

Bumblee bee for bringing in dual density response used in 8 of your 10

And probaly a Cold Fusion Gt. Started the metal arms race way before Dif.

And 1 correction...

G5 was released before any H-Shaped H-Spin, but I dont call a G5 H-shaped, it is no-where near an Envy.


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